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📣 ក្រសួងឧស្សាហកម្ម វិទ្យាសាស្ត្រ បច្ចេកវិទ្យា និងនវានុវត្តន៍ សូមប្រកាសបង្ហាញអំពីគេហទំព័រផ្លូវការនៃ «ពិព័រណ៍បច្ចេកវិទ្យាកម្ពុជា ២០២២»

📣 The Ministry of Industry, Science, Technology & Innovation is pleased to announce that our official website for the Cambodia Tech Expo 2022 (CTX 2022) has been launched.

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Website: https://cambodiatechex.gov.kh/

Facebook Page: https://web.facebook.com/cambodiatechexpo

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cambodiatechexpo

Telegram Channel: https://t.me/cambodiatechexpo

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS1bGN882amxiIDxginl4ZA

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